Family Office Services

Comprehensive Wealth Management with a Holistic Approach

At Hutchinson Family Offices, our broad range of services are designed to anticipate your family’s needs and proactively provide customized solutions. With a multidisciplinary approach, we evaluate your financial affairs through regulatory, legal, financial, tax, and family lenses in order to determine new opportunities and hidden risks. Serving as the leader of your collaborative team, we work with your other trusted professionals, including attorneys and accountants, to ensure a client’s needs are being addressed.

Wealth Management Services

Wealth Transfer Planning

For most of our families, no issue is more important than the eventual transfer of wealth to future generations. Our team has spent decades developing keen insights into the personal side of creating and administering trusts and our advisors are highly experienced at managing the legal, financial, and tax issues that surround them. In terms of the technical side of trust management and estate planning, we work closely with our strategic partners and outside legal experts to ensure your family receives the best advice possible.

With an experienced team of diverse professionals and external resources, we can help you translate your hopes, dreams, and family philosophy into durable plans for future generations.

Integrated Wealth Management

As your family’s wealth becomes more complex, it’s critical your investment management is proactive, disciplined, and carefully coordinated. We can help your family develop an investment policy guided by your dreams, goals, and philosophy.

Working with our experienced investment managers, we develop a completely personalized asset allocation strategy that fits your investment preferences, while retaining the flexibility required to serve your family’s needs. Additionally, we work closely with our investment managers, external tax experts, and fiduciaries to handle all reporting and tax filing requirements for your family entities. With our wealth management services, we proactively manage your wealth so you don’t have to.

Asset Protection and Risk Management

We understand that our clients are focused on preserving their wealth, rather than building it. As a result, we focus extensively on risk management. While protecting wealth is challenging, our team of risk managers strive to mitigate risk by employing a disciplined process that addresses the critical categories of risk that may affect your family’s wealth.

Trust and Custody Services

We have relationships with experienced partners who can provide tailored services while maintaining the highest levels of discretion, confidentiality, and privacy. No issue is too small for our personal attention and we offer a wide range of private services designed to help manage family affairs and remove the burden of administrative work.

We can assist you with a myriad of services, including:

  • Cash management, bill paying, and maintenance of financial records;
  • Insurance management and oversight;
  • Household employee hiring and supervision;
  • Property management;
  • Household payroll and reporting;
  • Document storage.

Comprehensive Tax Management

Income, business, and estate tax strategies are critical elements of an affluent family’s financial plan. We work with a strategic network of highly experienced tax advisors who bring decades of experience managing the tax issues of wealthy families. We bridge the connection between tax advisors, investment managers, and estate planners to ensure that your wealth is managed to maximize tax advantages and minimize your overall tax liabilities.

We can assist you with:

  • Preparing complex tax returns for family entities;
  • Preparing and filing estate taxes;
  • Proactively monitoring changes in tax law in any jurisdiction that may affect your financial strategies;
  • Providing customized advice and guidance for any tax situation affecting your family;
  • Representing your family if you are ever subject to an audit.

Next Generation Education

We believe that successful multi-generational families need a shared sense of purpose, grounded in a long-term view of the family’s wealth. Together, we can help your family build a mission and establish the behaviors necessary to build a long-term legacy. We work with every member of your family to build a shared vision of the family’s future and can help you prepare your heirs for the challenges and responsibilities of managing family wealth, whether it’s through an expert-led retreat or customized financial education plans. Through our services and advice, we can help strengthen family ties and provide your heirs the tools to make intelligent financial and life decisions.

Philanthropic Advice and Planning

Many affluent families want to see the fruits of their labor translated into good works. We can help you build a philanthropic plan that puts your values and philosophy into action in your community and throughout the world. Charitable gifting provides many intangible benefits to your family beyond the estate tax savings that donations can provide.

Philanthropy is a way to engage a family’s future generations and create a mission that inspires your children and grandchildren. There are many options available to wealthy families and our advisors can help educate you about the benefits and challenges of each. We can help you clarify your mission, develop strategic objectives, increase the impact of your giving, and measure the effectiveness of your charitable work.

Private Banking Services

The strategic use of credit can help smooth financial transitions and major liquidity events. We have a range of special banking relationships through which we can offer competitive interest rates on private loans.

Consolidated Reporting

We use the latest technology and online interfaces to provide you with a 360° view of your financial life. We create custom reports and give you as much or as little information as you would like to make the right decisions for your family’s future.