Second Opinion Process

When it comes to things that are truly important, second opinions are not just valuable, they can be priceless.

Just as you seek out a second opinion from a doctor to protect your physical health, a second opinion from a wealth advisor may help you protect and make the best decisions for your financial health. At Hutchinson Family Offices, we believe clients can benefit from a second opinion, which may provide them confidence in their strategy and insight into alternative approaches of which they may not otherwise have been aware.

Often, a family’s financial situation or objectives will change throughout their life. Without adjustments, or a second opinion, a family may not be on the right path to achieve their objectives. At our second opinion meetings, we evaluate a family’s strategies and portfolio, as well as their goals, to measure whether or not they are on track. Our goal is to provide families the ability to walk away from this meeting knowing where they stand and whether they need to make adjustments to their plan.

During and after our meeting, there is no commitment on either side of the relationship. We want to understand more about you and we want you to learn more about our way of doing business. Should you decide in the future to take the next steps with our team, we will use our Second Opinion Process as a framework for implementation moving forward.